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A 4 page paper that provides an overview of the structure of the human hand. This paper considers the role of muscles, ligaments, tendons and bone in creating the movement of the hand. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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of the hand, to direct movement. No single structure works outside of the complex weaving of elements in the hand, and even the rotating motion of the human thumb requires the direction of motion that is anchored by tendons to the bones of the arm. The carpus, or wrist, is the point at which the hand connects to the arm, and consists of eight small bones called the carpals (Rosenblum and Patterson, 1996). The wrist is supported by connecting ligaments that link the tarsals with the bones of the arm, and also with the metarcarpals, the five bones that make up the palm of the hand (Rosenblum and Patterson, 1996). These five metacarpals are connected to the phalanges, the 14 bones that make up the joints of the fingers. The palm of the hand is formed by the volar plate, a fibrous structure that is created by the culmination of tendon and ligaments and the bringing together of muscles into the central point of the hand structure (Hodgkinson et al, 1994). The volar plate can be better understood by clarifying the correlation between the 14 phalanges and the five metacarpals and the structural similarities that create the form of the hand as a whole. The muscles of the arm are connected to the carpals through a system of tendons linking the muscles with the bones, creating joints between each set of bones. There are over 30 pairs of muscles that are involved in the movements of the hand, both anterior and posterior muscle structures that maximize control of motion (Rosenblum and Patterson, 1996). The phalanges and metacarpals consist of a head, body and a base, and the collateral ligaments extend from the head of each metacarpal bone to the ...

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