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The Gate to Women's Country.

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(5pp) Sherri Tepper's cast of both ordinary and extraordinary people play out in her powerful 1988 novel, whose significance goes beyond sex, to deal with the toughest problem of all, the challenge of surmounting humanity's most dangerous flaws so we can survive together - despite ourselves. despite ourselves.

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THE GATE TO WOMENS COUNTRY Written by for the Paperstore, Inc., June 2000 Introduction Women have been writing fantasy, science, and utopian fiction about worlds without men at least since the late nineteenth century. The themes and values may change, but the shared assumption is that women get along fine when men arent around, and, furthermore, when men show up, the situation invariably deteriorates. The Story Since the flames of nuclear holocaust died three hundred years ago, human civilization has evolved into a dual society. It is remembered and ritually expressed that the destruction resulted from male politics, male values, male wars. Consequently now in Womens Country the overriding mission of the women is to ensure that such catastrophes never happen again. Through the eyes of Stavia, an actor, gardener, and physician, unfold both the play and the customs of Womens Country. At ten, she accompanies her mother Morgot and older sister Myra to take her five-year-old brother Jerby to the Gate of Warriors Sons. In an exchange of ritual phrases, Jerby is relinquished to his warrior father and welcomed into the mens garrison outside the walls. From age five to age fifteen, all womens sons return to Womens Country twice a year, during the carnival holidays. At fifteen they may choose to return through the Gate to Womens Country -- "a simple ...

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