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The Business Impacts of Avian Flu

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A 3 page overview of the varied impacts to business that an Avian Flu epidemic would result in both domestically and for the world as a whole. The author emphasizes both the direct and indirect impacts of such an epidemic. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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Hundreds of diseases throughout history have taken their toll on populations all over the world. While there have been many advancements in our understanding of disease, its causes, treatments and cures, our modern world is hardly exempt from its ravages, ravages that include both physiological and economic impacts. Today avian flu seems to be one of the most concerning diseases taking its toll on the modern world. In addition to its catastrophic impact on human health, Avian Flu has the potential for tremendous impacts to world business as well. In the past Avian Flu has been restricted to animals in Southeast Asia and a few human infections in that region (Pugh, 2005). Although the number of humans that have fallen victim to the disease is now quite low even in Southeast Asia, 133 infections and 68 deaths, these numbers could rapidly escalate not just in Southeast Asia but elsewhere as well (Pugh, 2005). Unfortunately, the threat of the virus being transported to the West by migratory birds is no longer the sole subject of science fiction. In its unmutated form the virus typically passes only between animals or from infected animals to those unfortunate enough to come into contact with them (Pugh, 2005). Once it mutates to the H5N1 form, however, it is capable of spreading quite rapidly through human to human contact (Pugh, 2005). Recent estimates suggest that in the U.S. alone the costs of a severe Avian Flu outbreak could be catastrophic. The costs incurred in an outbreak lasting three months and resulting in illness in ninety million people (thirty ...

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