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Social Work Process Framework

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This 10 page paper discusses why the systematic framework of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation make up the social work process. The framework is discussed in terms of a problem solving approach used in organizations as well as in the counseling-based helping professions. The essay reports Mary Richard's comments on assessment as the first step in the process. The essay also includes comments about different models, such as the case theory model, strengths-based model and how chaos theory can be helpful. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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are identified, there needs to be a time of planning to determine the best approach(es) to resolve the problem. The plan is then implemented. The effectiveness of the plan is then evaluated to determine the more discrete level of effectiveness and to make adjustments and modifications to maximize effectiveness. In point of fact, this framework: assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation, is used in any problem solving situation. It is the basis for strategic planning in organizations, for instance. The nature of each step is obviously tailored to the discipline. The framework described is the same for psychologists, social workers, and all those in a counseling setting. Assessment becomes a search for the underlying causes of a clients problems. The plan is the type of intervention approaches to use. Implementation is the direct counseling with the client. Evaluation is something that is performed continuously to assure the intervention approaches being used are in fact helping the client. Whether a social worker is involved in casework, group work or community, the process incorporates this same framework. The framework can be incorporated into whatever methodology is being used by the social worker. While the term method has not been in favor for the last twenty years, it is still a good word to describe the framework in which a social worker works because it means "a systematic process of ordering ones activity in the performance of a function" (Mouzakitis, 1998), an explanation that inherently "connotes thought and purpose in addition to activity" (Mouzakitis, 1998). Professor Mouzakitis identifies the core competencies in the social work process, which include: * The ability to obtain information related to the case, i.e., assessment (Mouzakitis, 1998). Bisman stated that "it is the assessment that determines the nature of the clients current situation at a ...

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