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This 3 page paper discusses the overt use of water throughout Shakespeare's play, The Tempest. Quotes cited from text. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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opportunities to see this motif return through several guises. The use of water is one of the major vessels through which this theme and motif recur, moving from a tempest to a calmer, more supportive environment as the play progresses. A brief synopsis of the play tells of Prospero, the rightful due of Milan, being ousted by his brother Antonio who has joined alliances with the king of Naples, named Alonso. Prospero, however, is a powerful magician and causes the ocean to become troubled and stormy as Alonso and Antonio attempt to cross it in their ship. Eventually, the ship wrecks on the shores of the very island where Prospero has been exiled. Many days without food see them tempted by a banquet fit for kings, but just before they are about to eat Ariel appears to them in the guise of a harpie and accuses them of their wicked deed against Prospero. Alonso is remorseful and repents and they are brought before Prospero where he also forgives them. Prospero returns to his rightful throne. This play is very cyclical in that there is a birth, death, and renewal format followed. Given this, there can be a comparison to the natural water cycle, of rainfall, evaporation and rainfall again. References to wetness and of being soaked with water seem to refer to the state of the men, that they are about to affected by FATE and justice. For example, in Act I the very first scene, the reader sees that all of the sailors are wet(Shakespeare, Act 1, sc IV, li 193). Another water reference is made in the use of tears. Prospero cries at the treachery that has been dealt him, as well as Miranda crying for the men who are out on a ...

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