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Relations between the U.S. and the Islamic Republic of Iran

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This 8 page paper describes the history of U.S.-Iran international relations and why Iran has come to distrust the United States. It considers the 1953 U.S. backed coup that overthrew the legally elected Mossadegh government; the Islamic Revolution; and the U.S. backing of Saddam Hussein. It also considers reasons why Iran is developing nuclear power. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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history of the tensions between the two countries. Discussion Before beginning the discussion, its probably worth noting that the U.S. foreign policy appears to be nothing more than "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," which leaves it vulnerable every time an alliance shifts or political parties change. The United States has an unfortunate tendency to use its tremendous military might and economic power to get whatever it wants, and for this reason is often perceived as an insensitive, meddling bully that continually sticks its nose into the internal affairs of other sovereign nations. The more this continues, the more problems are likely to arise. And it is apparently this constant meddling that, in large part, has led to the current problems between Iran and the United States. The heart of the problem is this: "the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) insists on its right as a sovereign nation to acquire nuclear technology for peaceful use, while the Bush administration asserts that the IRI really wants the technology in order to produce nuclear weapons with which it can threaten its neighbors and dominate the oil-rich Middle East" (Sadri). Both the United States and most of the westernized nations depend on Middle East oil, so the United States claims that any move on Irans part to threaten the oil supply will not be tolerated (Sadri). Since the U.S. has spent a great deal of time and energy vilifying Iran and the Revolution, the issue is now global in scope; further, the public is now becoming used to seeing Iran cast as an evil warmonger (Sadri). Over the years, the media has focused much of its coverage on Iran and that nations "support for supposed terrorist groups," along with what is characterized as Iranian attempts to "export its Islamic revolution to ...

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