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A 7 page paper discussing proper structure and actions of a police Internal Affairs department; an 8-point plan for departmental change; and implications of Garrity v. New Jersey. The paper provides case briefs for James Lingler and Jeffrey Gezymalla v. John R. Fechko, FED App. 0420P (6th Cir.) (2002); Carlos Luna v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts, App.02-2214 (1st Cir.) (2004); and State v. Stinson, 244 Ga. App.622 (2000). The paper assesses the influence of Garrity in the cases. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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problems with the structure of the Internal Affairs (IA) office. Some are quite serious and should be rectified immediately. Among them are: * Two IA officers are part time and work with officers they conceivably could have the need to investigate. The purpose of the IA department would be better served if there were no possibility that IA officers would be working with or reporting to officers they have or may have need to investigate. * The average investigation time of three months is extremely excessive and should be shortened to a matter of weeks rather than months. * Officers under investigation should be on administrative leave rather than continuing to work during the investigation. * "Complaints must be investigated regardless of the manner of filing" (Gaines, et al., 2003; p. 538) or the type of incident leading to a complaint. The departments refusal to investigate complaints that have not been received in writing must be changed immediately. Question 2 Performance gap. The expected organizational performance is that officers will not arrest individuals for minor traffic offenses, but some officers continue to resist the change despite it being a newly-applicable law. Recognize need for change. Officers are disobeying the law, not merely failing to operate according to managements wishes. Create proper climate for change. Announce the new legislation to all and ask for input in how it should be enforced. Diagnose problem. The greatest problem is that officers are continuing to exhibit lack of respect for the law and for themselves in that they are sworn to uphold the law. ...

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