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Managing the Media; The Lessons of the Iraq War and the SARS Epidemic

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This 8 page paper considers the way in which public relations have been managed by the government in these stories and the lessons that they give to the commercial environment. References are made to the different models of communication and comparison made with other cases where handling was, or could have been different. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

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commercial organisation. There is the need to convey information and a desire to have the right perspective adopted by the recipients of that message. By looking at the way some messages have been dealt with there are many lessons that can be learnt, not only for what is communicated, but also the way it is communicated, the attitude adopted and the development of changes within the message. Two major incident can be cited as good examples that provide learning points; the management of the Iraq war and the SARS epidemic. In many cases the model that is adopted by the press will be the model the press agentry, this may be seen as a tell model. This may also be seen as a very persuasive model, where there is the desire for the organisation to manipulate how the audience react interpret the message (Grunig and Grunig, 1992). It is argued by critics that at the beginning the US and the UK government sought to give one way information and dictate what was happening in a series of press releases and statements and the inability to answer questions that were posed to them. This model seeks only to present positive information, meaning information positive to the organisations goals. However, for governments, especially in countries where there is freedom of though and speech, this model is one that will become undone very quickly, as the press will often seek to find a story, this means questioning the political powers. By April 2003 it is very clear that this was a model that would not work and indeed, had not been used at all. The reporting during the war was restricted to this model, however when there are security issues this was understandable. When the aftermath began to indicate that ...

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