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MacArthur: Appraisal

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5 pages in length. The writer discusses MacArthur from two different perspectives: as an accomplished military leader and as an egotistical power monger. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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the extent to which MacArthur, whose tactics have long been considered akin to Pattons, stood by his plan and did not waiver in spite of sometimes insurmountable odds. In American Generalship, Puryear takes eleven chapters to demonstrate just how critical the element of leadership truly is, insofar as entire nations have come to depend upon its ability to address political crises. The authors insight helps to define exactly what a leader represents and whether or not the masses place far too much emphasis upon military success that is based solely upon the abilities of one persons attributes. "There are many qualities that combine to make a leader successful. Among the most important are professional knowledge, decision, humanity, equity, courage, consideration, delegation, loyalty, selflessness, and character. From all my research, however, it is clear that there is absolutely nothing as important in successful leadership as character" (Puryear 1). In his discussion on what defines true leadership, Puryear addresses several key points with regard to the overall concept, including the extent of ambiguity in relation to definition and assessment. Both his books remark upon the intense and unfaltering character MacArthur upheld; like Patton, even when there was nothing left to save but his own life, he still considered all others, as well as the nations integrity, before succumbing to defeat. Puryear poses questions that compel the reader to consider just what is required to reach such a position of high virtue: How is an effective leader chosen, and what are the criteria for choosing such? Does leadership truly influence organizational performance? How essential is good leadership in relation to the performance of the group as a whole? These represent just some of the concerns ...

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