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M. Butterfly and the Social Construction of Gender

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This 4 page paper focuses on M. Butterfly but also references The Crying Game. Sexuality and gender are discussed in depth. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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is something to be said about gender and society that has little to do with individuality. people grow up and are affected by what they are taught. Gender, sexuality, and the way that the body is found in society is not necessarily something natural, but rather is something that is transformed through discourse in the social realm. A key example of this is found in the film M. Butterfly. Kondo (1990) describes the theatrical production this way: "In David Henry Hwangs Tony award-winning play M. Butterfly, Broadway audiences encounter a dazzling spectacle, in which a tale of seemingly mistaken gender identifies and delusions perpetuated over decades occasions a richly textured production moving in and around the spaces of global politics, gender and racial identities, and the power relations inevitably present in what we call love," (5). The 1993 film M. Butterfly presents a story that sees the protagonist-a French ambassador-become enthralled with an opera singer, thinking that the performer is a woman. The point perhaps that one may take from this film is the simple concept that people can fall in love with someone of either gender. Today, people are very much attached to their sexual identities. Some claim to be definitely homosexual, while others are only attracted to someone of the opposite sex. M. Butterfly is not the only film to confront this issue. In fact, the 1992 film The Crying Game focused on the manly protagonist Fergus who was a member of the IRA. The subplot concerns itself with a transvestite who looks so much like a woman that Fergus becomes attracted to him. When they begin to make love, Fergus discovers that Dil is not a woman at all because he in fact possesses male genitalia. This ...

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