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Internet Hackers: Endangering Computer Security By Corrupting Business, Government And Personal Networks

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6 pages in length. With the advent of Internet technology came the challenge to hack into sensitive personal and business information; as the Internet has advanced in sophistication, so have the hackers' ability to do even more damage. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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methods have been developed in order to breach well-tested protective measures. That hackers can readily infiltrate any given companys entire computer system with the intent to destroy data is more than enough reason to augment security measures. "The extent of imposing security measures to protect networks has to be within practical limits and it has to commensurate with the risks involved. After all, security is a trade-off between controls and convenience" (Thomas PG). Computers have become a significant part of life. There is no denying the fact that their very presence has drastically altered humanitys existence since the mid to late 1940s. Through a number of developments, computers have not only become integral components of virtually every aspect of a persons life, but they have also been successfully assimilated into homes and businesses all across the globe. "...Computerization has touched more people more visibly in their work than in any other kind of setting -- home, schools, churches, banking, and so on. Workplaces are good places to examine how the dreams and dilemmas of computerization really work out for large numbers of people under an immense variety of social and technical conditions" (Kling 4-WORK3.htm). There is practically nothing that computers do not influence in one manner or another, which has caused society to render itself dependent upon its constant application. One aspect where this dependency has become particularly dangerous is with the surge in Internet hackers who stand to endanger computer security by corrupting business, government and person networks. "We have to recognise the importance of protecting the information in our computer systems and be well-informed on how to deal with any kind of security abuse to the computer systems. It was ...

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