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This 7 page paper discusses e-business and the protection of intellectual property. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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a fairly substantial risk leverage, and marketing savvy, are some of the characteristics that can be found in each of these companies. Each has the distinctive ability to be on the cutting edge of technology and still continue to do so. With the advent of new technologies via the internet, the traditional role of many companies has changed to include marketing through the internet. But this has also raised the question of ownership. Can one own intangible assets such as content and product on the internet? No one could have predicted the Pandoras Box that would be opened when the internet first shot across the wire. No one could have predicted that those famous words, Youve Got Mail could cause such controversy. And certainly, no one could have foreseen the effect that e-commerce would have on the world. The question that fell to each level of government in almost every nation of the world was How does one regulate the intangible? Unfortunately, no one can seem to agree. No one can seem to agree within their own states, their own nations, nor globally. As a result, there have been some outstanding court cases that have risen from this dilemma. In particular, the case of Reno vs A.C.L.U. In the case of Reno vs the ACLU, the organization was claiming the unconstitutionality of the regulation of content, even though all were in agreement that children should not be exposed to mature content on the World Wide Web. John Bird, in his ezine article, "The Internet and the Judicial System, he states, "With as many as 8,000 sexually explicit sites on the World Wide Web alone at the time of the hearing, and the number estimated to double every 9 months, the Internet threatens ...

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