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covered what is now France, Belgium and Holland (New Internationalist, 2001). Martels son extended the Frankish influence, conquering the German-speaking populations to the east. Martels grandson, Charlemagne (Charles the Great) inherited in 768 what was basically a federated kingdom covering most of Europe (New Internationalist, 2001). Charlemagne went on to conquer Rome and set himself up as the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. On Christmas day in the year 800 in Rome, Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne emperor, which was a title that had not been used in the West since the death of Romulus Augustus in 476 (Wikpedialcom, 2001). His official title was Imperator Augustus (Anonymous, 2001). Charlemagnes reign is frequently referred to as the Carolingian Renaissance, because it marked a renewed interest in the West in scholarship, literature, art and architecture. Most of the surviving works of classical Latin were copied and preserved by Carolingian scholars (, 2001). This is undoubtedly one of the most lasting cultural influences of this period or of the Holy Roman Empire. Charlemagne was succeeded by the only son who survive him, Louis the Pious. However, after the reign of Louis, the empire was divided between his two surviving sons according to Frankish custom. The Holy Roman Empire was created out of the eastern half of Charlemagnes empire, (Anonymous, 2001). However, by 911, the eastern and western portions of Franconia, as the region was known, had completely separated into the kingdom of the Franks (or France) and the kingdom of Germany. At this point, the Holy Roman Empire became a virtual non-entity in European politics until the year 962. This was the year that Otto I reclaimed imperial dignity, which by then had lost all prestige as popes tended to confer it on minor players ...

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