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History of the Lake Metroparks in Northeastern Ohio

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A 12 page paper which examines the history, and geological history, of the Lake Metroparks in Northeastern Ohio. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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the Pacific coast and places within the Southwest desert of the nation. Most people do not stop and consider that most states have some unique geological aspects, despite the fact they seem to have been populated for centuries without concern for the geological conditions. Northeastern Ohio, residing along Lake Erie, is such a place. The following paper examines the geological history of the Lake Metroparks in Ohio and then presents a look at some of the individual parks, their history, and their geological interest at present date. General Geological History: Lake Erie The fact that Northeastern Ohio rests on Lake Erie indicates that there is likely some powerful history to the region from a geological perspective. It is one of the five Great Lakes in the nation, and ranks fourth in terms of its size in relationship to the Great Lakes (Hansen, 2007). It provides what is apparently an almost unlimited amount of water to the communities on the shore and "provides significant quantities of sand and gravel for construction" (Hansen, 2007). Hanse (2007) also indicates that it is well known for incredible storms, erosion, and flooding, which is clearly a geological perspective that has been going on since the beginning of the birth of Lake Erie and thus the Northeastern shore of Ohio (Hansen, 2007). In terms of its history, which is not as ancient as some may believe, Hansen (2007) notes the following: "Geologists...view Lake Erie in its present form as a very recent feature---less than 4,000 years old---that is destined for a relatively short life, geological speaking. Indeed, the known history of the lake and its predecessors has taken place in the last 14,000 years; most of this time is within what geologists term the Recent" (Hansen, 2007). ...

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