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Global Marketing for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

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This 7 page paper looks at global marketing and the pitfalls for SMEs. Various problems are highlighted. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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arenas of the past, managers of smaller enterprises could remain local if they desired, and they could be reasonably assured of insulation from the forces of international competition (2000). If they decided to expand into markets abroad, they would be able to acquire and internalize the resources needed and do this incrementally over time (2000). Thus, small and medium sized businesses did not have to worry about steep competition or funding to expand globally. However, that was the way of the past. Things have changed immensely for small businesses. In the new, intensified competitive environment, both small and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs, have to achieve world-class efficiency in order to survive (Etemad & Wright, 2000). This is true whether or not they actually compete globally as they can no longer afford the luxury of achieving such efficiencies gradually, or through a sequential evolution, or through the use of their own resources (2000). As a result, it has become more and more difficult for independent, small businesses to survive unless they are globally competitive (2000). This is a significant change from the past and something for which all small business owners need to be cognizant. While many preclude small business from marketing overseas due to the competitive nature of business in general, this again is no longer the case. Small and medium sized businesses must expand and they do this with regularity. For example, there are several small and mid-sized Central New York businesses that have been trading successfully overseas for a number of years (Fitting, 1997). Many of these endeavors focus on marketing products, and the products range from high-tech machinery to small items like wrist-coil key-holders (1997). Another example is that two Massachusetts agencies are competing to build connections with travel agents and tour operators and marketing firms overseas ...

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