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France: War and Economics Translate to Non-U.S. Support in Operation Iraq

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A 4 page overview of France’s history since the Renaissance, the many wars and the increasing tendency to move further and further from the side of the U.S. The author contends that during the Cold War in particular France became heavily involved economically in the Middle East and that involvement would be the deciding factor in her decision to not support the U.S. in Operation Iraq. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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U.S. and French relations have changed dramatically from the time when the country gifted us the Statue of Liberty. Frances reasons for her lack of support to the U.S. during Operation Iraq, however, are quite complex and date back to a long history of warfare in which France has always seemed to emerge slightly weaker than what she was when she entered. Since the days of Louis XIV, in fact, France has been in a slow downward spiral in terms of her military strength and, indeed, her foreign policy. Louis XIV would be one of the last truly influential and powerful French leaders. Louis would inherit a kingdom which was deeply scarred economically, emotionally, politically, and socially. Never-the-less, his reign would prove the power of an absolute monarchy. His policies would extend not only to France itself but would, in fact, shape the face of Europe as a whole in regard to geographic distribution, international affairs, and in particular the political alliances which various countries would be forced to form. The impact of Louis XIV within France and to Europe as a whole was indeed phenomenal. To understand the internal impacts of Louis XIV it is necessary to understand the social structure of the country itself. While most people cooperated with the Louis monarchy and regarded it in high prestige, there were underlying problems which festered. While many praised him, others condemned him. The social discord which characterized the period would be characterized as being a primary element in one of the most unstable periods of Frances history. Louis XIV, however, would not ...

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