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Ethics and Social Responsibility of Business

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This 7 page paper considers the role of social responsibility in the commercial environment. The question of what social responsibility is tackled along with the arguments for and against it. The theories of Milton Friedman and his views on the singular responsibility of profit maximisation discussed and his reasoning is found to erroneous in some assumptions. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

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with the service, such as the ever smiling McDonalds crew member who will always wish you a nice meal when you have finished a purchase. There are also companies with bad reputations, due to either questionable customer service or the way in which they do business. This is may be a moral or ethical problem between the company and the way in which the economy and their customers perceive them. Companies such as Shell and Amoco have been seen as having dubious ethics, whilst other companies such as Ben and Jerrys and the Body Shop have demonstrated publicly that they hold a highly regarded ethical stand. The ethical stand an organisation takes towards social issues depends upon their own perception as to what their responsibilities actually are. There is much debate over anything which has ethical consequences. To begin with there will be disagreement over exactly what is meant by the term ethical behaviour and then the social responsibility any organisation has towards it can also be debated. After this the role a corporation or organisation should adopt will also be hotly debated which some critics advocating that it is the state who should legislate for this whilst other claim that social responsibility should be assumed by all companies as a matter of course. The debate centres around the actual responsibilities that the organisation should adopt without legislative intervention. There have been many conflicting answers to this question. Milton Freidman, a highly regarded economist and Nobel prize winner has a simple and short answer (Chryssides et al 230). Friedmans argument was that business have only one social responsibility and that is the responsibility to their shareholders or owners; the ...

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