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This 11-page paper discusses the potential of implementing an AIDS awareness education plan in Nigeria. This focuses on a literature review about AIDS in Nigeria, leading to the idea that the right educational program might be effective in preventing the spread of AIDS. Bibliography lists 18 sources.

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Organization, despite the huge amounts of publicity dedicated toward the illness and despite the research of possible treatment options. This has especially been the case in sub-Sahara Africa, where AIDS continues to flourish, out of control. Several factors contribute to this situation -- with the major mode of HIV transmission in this region being through heterosexual relations, followed by transmission from mother to infant either before, during or after birth (Ebomoyi and Afoaku, 2000). Poverty and malnutrition also help add to the bodys inability to fight this off (Ebomoyi and Afoaku, 2000). The area we focus specifically on in this paper is Nigeria, and we focus on it with the idea of suggesting that implementing an educational component in an AIDS prevention plan could go a long way toward at least slowing the spread of AIDS throughout Nigeria. In this paper, well examine some of the literature dealing with AIDS in Nigeria (as well as some of the educational programs already introduced and their effectiveness). Interestingly enough, when we first sought to research this project, we assumed that the nursing journals, most specifically would have a great deal of information about AIDS and Nigeria. This, surprisingly, has not shown to be the case. There has been much written about the topic from the angle of medicine and medical journals, and especially from a socio-medical standpoint. But there is little about AIDS in Nigeria specifically or AIDS in West Africa, more generally, that we could find. Instead, we rely on peer-reviewed journals for most of our information and to come to a strong conclusion. Methodology ...

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