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Differences in Communication Between the Genders in the University Setting

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A 6 page assessment of communication differences between the genders. This paper explores the historical reasons for those differences and asserts that today there are no longer any relevant social or biological reasons for women to take an inferior role in communication. This is particularly true in the university setting. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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Numerous researchers have validated the fact that there are distinct differences in the way that men and women communicate. These differences seem to persist regardless of the particular setting in which the communication occurs. This peculiarity is particularly perplexing in the university setting. The thesis can be presented, in fact, that the differences in communication that relate to gender can deleteriously affect relations between people in both an informal and a formal setting. These differences not only negatively affect relations between students but can also negatively influence relations between instructors and students. Discussion There is no denying the fact that there are differences in communication between the genders. These differences can be accentuated by other factors as well, however. Holmes (2005), for example, suggests that these differences relate as much to socioeconomics as they do to biology. Never-the-less, even Holmes (2005) observes the inherent nature of some communication characteristics that exist between men that are different that those found in women. She observes an inherent politeness in womens communications, for example, that is often lacking in mens communication. Holmes (2005), in fact, describes men as linguistically rude and intrusive when compared to women. Just as there are undoubtedly a variety of factors that influence communication inherently in respect to gender, there are also a variety of explanations as to why this is the case. Holmes (2005) explains this phenomenon from a feminist perspective, suggesting that the differences relate to the binary opposition that has characterized relationships between the genders throughout history. ...

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