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Conspiracy Theory in “The Manchurian Candidate”

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This paper explores Richard Condon's book and Frankenheimer's movie 'The Manchurian Candidate' in terms of conspiracy theory and McCarthyism of the era (1959-1960). There is a brief comparison of the two and a short biography of Condon. The book focuses on the psychological and political aspects of the story. Bibliography lists 4 sources. JVcondon.rtf

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psychological theory that anyone could be controlled completely through brainwashing. The fear then was that any country could take over the United States by brainwashing its citizens. Just before the book was released in 1959, research had found that brainwashing was a temporary condition, but Condons book and Joe Frankenheimers movie, released three years later, sought to titillate by showing what lengths an enemy would go for the ultimate "weapon." The student may want to state that purposeful titillation was not reserved for conspiracy theory. Howard Hampton calls The Manchurian Candidate by Richard Condon, a "mad, wine-dark humor-the comedy of the unspeakable. Incestuously tangled up in tragic sobriety . . . ." (Hampton, 2003, 14). Because of details in the book, some critics believed that Condon was raised in an incestuous home and suffered personally at the hands of a mother with unspeakable tastes. This does not appear to be the case, according to Condon himself. In Anne Maiers (1986) interview with Condon, Condon admits that his father "was a shouter" and that Condon rebelled against his fathers shouting by becoming a stutterer. Condon rebelled by, among other things, choosing a career of which his father did not approve (Maier, 1986). The article does not mention his relationship with individual family members beyond this, but in relationship to the release of Prizzis Honor in 1986, Condon stated that he believed that protecting ones family was a reason to kill. In context, Condon felt that because of the family affiliation, Americans would elect mafiosos to the highest office within his lifetime. While this brief look into his personal life may not reflect an incestuous upbringing, this brings up ...

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