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Condom Use in Adult Populations: The Impact of HIV/AIDS Education

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With an increase in the transmission rates of sexually transmitted diseases, researchers have attempted to determine the best methods for improving condom use in adult populations. This study considers the impact of one HIV/AIDS education program designed specifically to target at-risk adult populations. This 21 page abstract provides an overview of the topic and relates it to the findings in the current literature. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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one HIV/AIDS education program designed specifically to target at-risk adult populations. This study assesses the research regarding the importance of condom use and the behavioral and educational issues that might result in the choice NOT to use condoms during sexual activity outside of the constraints of a long-term relationship. This study uses a qualitative methodology to assess the outcomes of this education program in order to determine if the use of effective adult education programming increases condom use. The hypothesis proven by the study outcomes is that effective education for adults does increase condom use in general, though variations occur when dividing populations by gender and at-risk conditions, including socioeconomic indicators. Introduction One of the most problematic adult risk-taking behaviors is unprotected sexual contact outside of the confines of a long-term or marital relationship. Though sexual promiscuity has believed to be on the decline in recent years, studies suggest that adults who participate in sexual contact with multiple partners continue to do so without using protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV infection. Existing research studies regarding the spread of HIV/AIDS suggests that one of the primary causes in the modern era is heterosexual sexual contact, including sexual behaviors with IV drug users and others who have contracted the virus through sexual contact. Even with this knowledge, researchers have questioned the benefits of adult education programs, recognizing that varied outcomes from these programs have been noted. At the same time, many AIDS education programs directed towards adult populations are based on the belief that education will inherently influence adult choices, including the choice for condom use. The effectiveness of sex education programming on both adolescent and adult populations has been the focus of a number of ...

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