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A 4 page article synopsing and critiquing a lengthy article from an educational journal. Specifically, the writer reviews an article about Whole Language written seven years ago and compared it to what has happened in the field. No additional sources cited.

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a new way of teaching and learning to read and write and many teachers were excited about it. The authors of this article, Gary and Maryann Manning, were Professors of Education at a University and very involved in teaching their teacher candidates how to implement whole language approaches. The focus of this article was to inform middle school teachers, i.e., grades 4, 5 and 6, how to carry on the whole language experience their incoming students had had in their first three years of schooling. Their article includes numerous resources for the middle school teacher, such as TAWL (Teachers Applying Whole Language) groups, books available with a specific recommendation for Nancie Atwells In the Middle, and reading conferences. The authors also offer numerous activities for the teacher to employ immediately. Several are important to note here: Independent reading which means exactly what it sounds like - each member of the classroom reading alone at their own space; "reading conferences" between teacher and student to discuss the reading the student has completed; book talk which involves small groups of students discussing a book they have each read; shared book experience, which uses the big books for studying genres, styles, literary qualities; author studies where students read several books by the same author becoming very familiar with style; independent writing which involves a mini-lesson directed by the teacher, independent writing, then sharing among students; modeled writing and publishing. Finally, the article includes an anecdotal event from a sixth grade teachers success with her class using whole language reading and writing activities. The teacher took her class to visit a 1700s style log cabin with tools and furnishings that were used during that time period. The ...

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