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This 4-page paper covers the basics of public speaking, including defining the seven elements of a speech and the need for ethics in public speaking. Bibliography list 3 sources.

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elements of the speech communication process are speaker, message, channel, listener, feedback, interference and situation (Lucas, 2004). The speaker is the person who initiates the speech, with the message being the format by which the speaker communicates (Lucas, 2004). The channel is the medium used by the speaker (speeches are typically in-person, though video conferencing isnt out of the question). The listener receives the communicated message and provides feedback to the speaker (Lucas, 2004). Interference, in the meantime, is anything that gets in the way between the communication and the message (Lucas, 2004). Finally, the situation is the time and place in which the communication occurs (Lucas, 2004). How do these elements interact to determine the success or failure of a speech? There is more to a speech than a person simply mouthing words. The elements need to come together to ensure the speech has its desired outcome. If, for example, there is interference, the message may fail to get to the listener as planned. U.S. presidents have recently experienced this when protestors show up at a speech and put together a demonstration. Even if the president ignores these outbursts, the listeners are distracted, and the message somewhat diluted. Time of day can also determine the success or failure of a speech. Most speakers arent crazy about speaking during or after a luncheon. During the lunch, listeners attention is on the food. After lunch, listeners tend to be sleepy and full, and simply want to leave. Breakfast speakers tend to fare better, as listeners, fortified with coffee, are awake and intent on the speakers words. Why is it normal and even desirable to be nervous at the start of a speech? ...

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