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Business Plan for an Online Tobacco Shop

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An 8 page paper presenting a business plan for a retail tobacco operation conducting business solely online, including break-even, balance sheet and cash flow financials. The text portion of the plan discusses the inability of retailers limited by local operations to stock slower-moving, specialty items, using a management accounting approach to demonstrating Smoke Stop’s greater ability to profit from specialty items. This approach sets apart Smoke Stop from local retailers, giving it a niche in which to operate and lead. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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There are thousands of tobacco shops across the country, most of which operate independently from any other store and most of which are independently owned. Although some industries make good use of the Internet in furthering their businesses, there is much written about highly fragmented industries and the inefficiencies that the fragmentation helps to preserve (Nairn, Price and Talacko, 2001; Waltner, 2000). There are only a few examples of online tobacco shops in existence today, and those that do exist notoriously are quite limited in the choices they offer. Typically, the online tobacco retailers in business today offer a few products that are widely available but also have a broad customer base. Those products that would appeal to fewer numbers of people - at higher profit margins - still are limited in availability to small and fragmented local tobacco retailer operations. Smoke Stop aspires to alter this landscape, however. The following is a plan of how we will seek to invoke such a change. Connotations The image of the hopeless cigarette addict combined with the negative publicity that tobacco companies have received over the years have combined to create a negative image of cigarette smoking. Other aspects of tobacco consumption are not so negatively viewed, however. Relaxation of relations between the United States and Cuba has resulted in Cuban cigars being available in the US once again. Pipe smokers are known to be experimental in their selections and nearly always are willing to expand their horizons in blends, curing processes and flavorings they are willing to try. Dedicated tobacco stores in most local areas will carry some of these products as an ...

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