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A 5 page paper that responds to four questions presented by the student. The paper includes: a PEST analysis of higher education; and definitions/descriptions of price mechanism, supply curve, demand curve, short run and long run supply curves, fixed and variable costs and economies of scale. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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Higher Education. There are numerous factors that affect higher education institutions. The PEST (Political, Economic, Social, Technological) is a technique that is used to determine the health of an organization by analyzing the forces in these four environments (Lincoln University of Missouri, 2001). The following is a brief overview of some of these factors in the form of a PEST analysis. * Political Environment * Local community influences * Availability of financial resources * Close proximity of other colleges and universities in the area * National and State elections * Governing boards * Increased emphases on Institutional accountability * Assessment of student learning outcomes * Economic Environment * Decreased funding for higher education * Increased need for alternative class scheduling * Unemployment rates in the local areas * Increased demand for post-secondary and post baccalaureate education * The need for a High quality diverse faculty and staff * The need for salaries that are comparable and competitive * Increased demand for alternative delivery of programs at off-campus cites for new and emerging markets * Social Environment * Socioeconomic Status of students and community * Increased number of part-time students * Change in population mix of students, e.g., racial, age, family structure * Increased number of women enrolling in higher education * Technological Environment * Technological advancements * Pervasiveness of technology as a means of delivery and content of curriculum * Employability in technology * Distance learning opportunities There are any number of external factors that affect the higher education institution. For public colleges/universities, the amount of funding received from the state is a critical factor. This can be affected by elections. The speed of technological changes are also a very impacting factor. Distance education via the Internet threatens all higher education institutions and will only become a greater threat ...

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