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This 3 page paper provides a brief biography of Bill Gates. Furthermore, this paper highlights the massive impact that Gates has had upon society as a whole. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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power, and most importantly, the American Dream. Gates literally began with nothing more than an idea, and the motivation to make that idea a reality. Gates company, Microsoft, has since become the worldwide leader in software and Internet technologies. As of June, 2003, Microsoft had revenues of $32.19 billion annually (William H. Gates, 2003). Furthermore, the company employed over 55,000 people in over 85 different countries (William H. Gates, 2003). All of this can be attributed to one man: Bill Gates. Gates was born in Seattle and was the son of an attorney and a schoolteacher (William H. Gates, 2003). At the age of 13, Gates became interested in computers, and began programming them as a hobby (William H. Gates, 2003). Later, Gates went on to attend Harvard, and that is when he developed the BASIC programming language, which would revolutionize the computer industry (William H. Gates, 2003). Gates never graduated from Harvard, choosing instead to devote himself entirely to Microsoft (William H. Gates, 2003). He had a vision of every business and every individual using a computer in the future, and that vision guided him in his work (William H. Gates, 2003). That vision would also prove to be precisely on-target, and Gates would be responsible for bringing computers to the people (William H. Gates, 2003). Clearly, Gates has become an American icon, and epitomizes the idea of the self-made man. His name has become a household word and his influence has been vast. Almost every person in the world has been affected by the work of Gates in some ...

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