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Australia's International Relations and the Protection of Australian Security

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This 7 page paper considers the way in which Australia conduct international relations and looks at how these measures may be seen as predominantly undertaken in order to protect Australian security. The concept of Australia as a "middle power", and the relationship and agreements with countries such as United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and China all discussed. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

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countries, but there is no single clear and definitive dentition. The term middle power may be seen as referring to the position of a country; used in different contexts it may refer to the size of the country and/or the population, or even its locations, such as between two major powers, the main aspect is the way that it is seen in terms of political power (Ungerer, 2007). Another way of looking at this concept is that a middle power nations is one that is unable to assert itself to demand global leadership, but has sufficient resources to insert itself into international affairs as a significant player (Ungerer, 2007). It may be agued that when looking at Australia and the way that the country develops its international relations may be seen as a result of this status of being a middle power and the way that support is needed within the global environment to support its security policies (Cooper, et al, 1993). Australia may be categorized with other nations such as Canada, India, Brazil and Israel in this manner (Ungerer, 2007; Cooper et al, 1993) It may be argued that Australia is in a strategically difficult position in terms of security, Australia, along with nearby New Zealand are the only western nations within the Pacific region, placing them in a relativity isolated position in terms of both political ideals and culture. This may also be seen as creating some specific vulnerabilities given the proximity of potential sources of security threat. It is with this in mind that it may be argued Australia formulates its security policies including the arising alliances with the UK and the US. This has been a long term practice, with the foreign policies adopted with the self interests of Australia in mind. The way this ...

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