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Article III of the Constitution and the 14th Amendment

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This 3 page paper provides an overview of Article III of the Constitution and the 14th Amendment, considering what changes were made in terms of state powers from one to the other. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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Court. The 14th Amendment relates to the way in which legislations are determined and the methods for election of officials at the state and federal level, and does in fact impose additional requirements for each state. The 14th Amendment served to clarify and create parameters for the implementation of Article III of the Constitution, while also defining separate requirements in relation to the organization of state government. Article III of the Constitution set forth the specific judicial process for the United States, including the way in which the state and federal courts would operate. The Article outlines judicial powers, focusing on the creation of the Supreme Court and leaves the establishment of the lower courts to Congressional authority. The Article goes on to define the types of cases that are heard at a federal level, including those cases that reflect national interest or need to be addressed on a national level, and conflicts between the states, which require federal intervention. Correspondingly, the article relates cases in which the interest of an individual and the interest of a state are in conflict, and defines the role of the federal government in addressing controversies involving the United States. The federal courts are responsible for addressing offenses against the country, including issues of treason. Our Founding Fathers set out the principles in Article III of the Constitution with the aim of defining the court system and relating the need for a federal supreme court that could oversee the issues that occur between states. These authors of the Constitution believed that it was necessary to ensure that each state took care of the criminal issues within their state, but that a federal court could work out the issues that occurred that threatened ...

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