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Argument Against Gay Marriage

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A 5 page paper that argues against same-sex marriage. Issues include restrictions on human rights and discrimination, tradition and legal issues. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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equal rights for homosexual individuals and couples in every area except marriage. When it comes to marriage, 74 percent say they are opposed to gay marriage (Marco, 2002). Activists present numerous arguments to support gay or same-sex marriage. Benne and McDermott (2004), who teach religion at Roanoke College refute these arguments. The first argument is that same-sex marriage is a basic human right (Benne and McDermott, 2004). The authors argue there are significant differences between constitutional rights, such as free speech, which have very few restrictions and other rights that do have restrictions (Benne and McDermott, 2004). For example, there are restrictions on who can enlist in the military and, more to the point, there are restrictions on marriage (Benne and McDermott, 2004). Children do not have the right to marry, individuals do not have the right to marry more than one person, family members may not marry each other and so on (Benne and McDermott, 2004). Legal and social bans on gay marriage are discrimination (Benne and McDermott, 2004). There is a difference between constitutional discrimination and rational restrictions (Benne and McDermott, 2004). For millennia, civilizations have defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman (Benne and McDermott, 2004). This social and legal restriction apply to everyone, therefore, nobody is denied equal protection of the laws that exist (Benne and McDermott, 2004). Activists also argue that marriage and relationships have changed over the centuries, thus, gay marriage is another development in the changing definition of families (Benne and McDermott, 2004). It is true that the concept of family and relationships as well as the concepts regarding the roles of women have changed dramatically over the last century (Benne and McDermott, 2004). These changes seem trivial compared to the concept of marriage across time and across ...

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