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This 3 page paper explores some of the religions and beliefs of ancient India. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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of the earliest, and ones that are prominently mentioned in most sources, are the "Harappa and Mohenjodaro Communities (2500-1500 BC)"; the Vedic Period; and the Mauryan Period (Timeline of India, 2007). Its not known precisely when the first people arrived in India, but estimates are that they came between 2000 BC and 1600 BC, bringing their own religions and societies with them (Hooker, 1999). "The bulk of Indian religion and almost all of its literature is Indo-European" (Hooker, 1999). Scholars have been unable to find anything concrete about the religion of the Harappans, also called the Indus River Civilization (Hooker, 1999). There have been no buildings found that might have been places of worship; and it is been impossible to translate and writing of significance (Hooker, 1999). What has been discovered is based on "tantalizing figures on various seals and statues" (Hooker, 1999). These figures seem to indicate that the Harappans exercised some kind of goddess worship; they may also have worshipped "natural objects or animistic forces," but scholars can only guess about the details of such worship (Hooker, 1999). The Harappans were eventually supplanted "by waves of migrations of Indo-Europeans"; the newcomers, however, apparently didnt adopt the Harappan religion, so its not possible to work backwards to reconstruct the Harappan faith from the Vedic (Hooker, 1999). The second period is that of the Aryan invasion, also known as the Vedic civilization. The Aryans were a war-like people that "swept over Persia with lightening speed, and spread across the northern river plains of India" (Hooker, 1999). The Vedic religion, which is the foundation of the Hindu faith, preserves a record of their ferocious nature (Hooker, 1999). The "most ancient sacred literature of Hinduism is called the Vedas," which is a collection of "hymns, poems, and ceremonial formulas [that] ...

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