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This 5 page paper provides a critical analysis of "Loverboy", the short story by Ana Castillo. This paper addresses plot, character, setting, point of view, theme, etc. Furthermore, a brief biography of Castillo is provided as is analysis of a critique of "Loverboys" that appeared in Tucson Weekly. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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"loverboy". The story begins with the surprise attraction that this narrator of this story feels for the man she finds oogling her at her bookstore. This mutual attraction turns into a passionate affair that alters her perception of herself and the world. In the end, her loverboy leaves without a trace, stunning the narrator at his complete lack of sentimentality. She feels jilted...rejected. She obsesses about the loss of him. The story is powerful because it draws upon the innate passion of both of these characters. Clearly, there must have been passion present in order for this self-declared lesbian to have an affair with a man - and a passionate one at that. It furthermore requires that readers relinquish many of their preconceived notions because of this aspect of the story, since the narrator is forced to do the same. The narrator must come to terms with this new identity in her life, and so too must readers accept the irony of her young, male lover given her past devotion to women. Clearly, part of this authors objective in this story is to challenge our traditional notions regarding love and romance. She doesnt want any one "box" to define love or sex. The lesbian with a man is the perfect means of provoking such new thought, and focusing the readers attention not on the structure or definition of the relationship, but rather on the intensity of feelings that relationship elicited from the participants. The author of this story uses the lesbian woman as the narrator, and in this way the story is told ...

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