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Albert Kabaloev: Testimony And Prayer Letter

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A 4 page paper that provides a biography of Kabaloev, including the circumstances of his conversion to Christianity. The paper reports what Kabaloev does in difficult situations. He is working in a predominantly Muslim region in Russia. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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brothers. His mother raised them on her own so they were raised in poverty. He began school at age 7 and continued in the same school system until he completed the 8th grade at which time, he transferred to a night school where he remained until he completed the 11th grade. That was 1987, the same year he enlisted in the army for two years. Following military duty, Kabaloev worked in a confectionary factory in Nalchik, which is where he met his wife. They were married in 1992 and has three daughters and was expecting another when he wrote his letter. Kabaloevs childhood was spent in the little village of Stary Lesken. Ninety-eight percent of the villages population were Muslim. Kabaloev and his siblings were brought up in Islam with his mother teaching him the basics and the important lesson of praying to Allah. He was first exposed to Jesus when he went to a film of that title. It was at that point, Kabaloev decided he loved Jesus but he thought that Jesus was the Russian God. He was converted by the Jehovahs witnesses in 1995 when they came to his house. He followed all their traditions and was very active. After three years, the leader of the group told him that was not based on love but on rewards form God. He left the group. He made the leap to Christianity when he was very ill in the hospital, in fact, he was confined to the hospital for years. He told God that if he made it, he would spend his life serving God. With his wifes relatives all Christians, he was encouraged and supported in his quest for knowledge and in sight. Both he and his wife were baptized in a Christian church ...

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