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African American: History and the Present

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A 4 page paper which examines various perspectives concerning African Americans in relationship to some history and the present day conditions. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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the free culture of African Americans that exist in the nation today. However, there are many who would argue that to pay special attention to the African American and this history is useless at this point because the history is just that; history. They would argue that to study such history is pointless and only seems to go over the same issues or points without any real results or gained knowledge. The following paper argues that to teach such truths is important, especially when there is clearly no evidence that indicates the nation has truly risen above the past and created a nation that possesses no racial discrimination against the African Americans. African Americans: History and the Present As the student notes, and as most intelligent people will agree, if history is not studied thoroughly and understood, a culture is likely to repeat that history. People, as well as nations, learn from their mistakes, or so one would hope. In looking at various historical essays and works one can better understand and comprehend what the past was like, as well as why the past developed as it did. In understanding this people can work towards finding better, more enlightened, solutions to problems. One work that proves informative is the Present and Future Condition of the Negroes, from the book Democracy in America (1835) by Alexis de Tocqueville. In this he claims "If liberty be refused to the Negroes of the South, they will, in the end, forcibly seize it for themselves; if it be given, they will, erelong, abuse it" (Tocqueville, 1864; 490). This seems to suggest that there is no real middle ground in relationship to the consequences of slavery. And, in all honesty one could claim that he was very accurate for with the freedom ...

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