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A Woman’s Beauty

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A 3 page paper which analyzes the essay “A Woman’s Beauty-Put Down or Power Source?” by Susan Sontag. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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one of the powers that women possess. Beauty is sought after in all aspects of a womans life, in the life of most women, even in light of a somewhat equal society where women want the same opportunities as men. The truth is that while many women argue that women are treated poorly and need equal opportunities, they are still the same women who are buying makeup and getting plastic surgery and trying to be attractive. So, while beauty feels like power to many women, for most women it is a curse, a clear put-down for most women will never fit the model of the beautiful woman in society, whatever that current trend or model may be. The following paper examines Sontags essay along these lines. A Womans Beauty In truth, all women do want to be beautiful. Men are allowed to get old, to have imperfections, such as suggested by Sontag when speaking of Robert Redfords moles, but women are not considered beautiful when they are old or have imperfections. A woman with a very large nose will not be seen as positively as a successful man with a large nose. Anyone can watch news broadcasts, as a clear example, and always see men who are relatively unattractive, but a woman must never be unattractive. As such beauty is sought out, or desired by, all women to some degree because the media and society put so much power in being beautiful. In truth beauty does little to help a woman get through her daily life. For example, being beautiful has nothing to do with being a good cook, a good analyst, or a good mathematician. This is not necessarily the same thing as saying it is the inside that counts, as noted by Sontag, but indicates ...

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