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A History of American Fashion

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This 13 page paper examines fashion trends in America. The trends are linked with American history and values. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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release supports the idea that fashion is ever-present in America today. The HBO series and other films such as The Devil Wears Prada does highlight the industry and the relevance of fashion in American society. Yes, the Paris runways will always be important, but American designers and the influence of the industry as a whole has contributed to the American identity. As the leading world power, the U.S. has become powerful in the fashion world too and a history will help to explain how this has occurred. The fashion industry has a seeming parallel to historical events. According to a student writing on this subject, the fashion industry in the United States is driven by history that changed the nation and its value system such as "freedom, equality, diversity, innovation, capitalism, independence, strength, and resourcefulness." The wearing of clothing started out as a necessity but as time would go on, fashion would become art. And while fashion is art, the truth is that design history is much younger than is art history (Breward, 1995). Covering the body is necessary for protection from the elements and so people can embrace their modesty, but it has become so much more. Fashion trends began to emerge in the latter part of the 1800s. Today, people are fashion conscious and this is something reflected in popular culture. II. American Fashion in the 1800s Fashion was not very significant during the early part of the 1800s but things would change dramatically later on. An example of what was going on at the time comes from a story printed in Godeys Ladys Book during 1845 where it was reported that a woman made an inexpensive dress (Rexford, 2008). The dress shrunk because cheap fabric was used (Rexford, 2008). Shoes were thin ...

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