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Why Study Religion?

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A 7 page paper which discusses why people may study religion, and what the study of religion can offer. The focus of the paper is on the study of religion for an understanding of the world and for self-fulfillment reasons. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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to those intrigued by the field of religious studies or by those who are religious themselves. Thus, when someone mentions the study of religion many people may turn a deaf ear, not understanding the many reasons why the study of religion is a very beneficial reality. Bearing this in mind the following paper presents an examination of why people study religion, and how they can benefit from the study of religion. The paper first discusses how the study of religion helps us to understand our world and then discusses how the study of religion can assist religious people in finding self-fulfillment. To Understand Our World As mentioned, many people do not stop to consider that the study of religion is something that is not limited to those who are religious or those who are going into a field of religion as a course of study. Religion is not just something that addresses those with faith, but something that addresses the entire world, and the history of the world. As such it is a study that helps us to understand the world around us. We can go back in time, to days before recorded history, and know that many different peoples maintained many different religious beliefs. One tribe of people may have a completely different set of beliefs from another tribe. We do not even need to know what their beliefs were in order to know that such realities would likely cause a great deal of social impact, for good and bad. For example, one tribe that held different beliefs from another may believe that cannibalism was a way to strengthen their own tribe. Such a religious belief, and the understanding of such a belief, provides us with an incredible amount of information about the condition of man ...

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