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A 5 page essay discussing the challenges and opportunities that await a business when it decides to go global on the Internet. Bibliography lists six sources.

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name several. But perhaps the greatest innovation for business is the Internet and the web. We are no longer in the space age or the information age but rather, the digital age. No business that truly wants to grow and compete in the marketplace in the year 2000 can remain outside this cyber realm. To get an understanding of the impact the computer has had in such a short time, consider the history of one computer company who saw its profit margin jump from zero in 1969 to $507.5 million in 1979 (Kidder, 1981 p12). In his Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Soul of a New Machine, Tracy Kidder wrote of the profit capability of the computer, "The profits just roll in year after year, mechanically, monotonously, the computer--was telling an old familiar story--the international, materialistic fairy tale come true" (Kidder, 1981 p12). Now here Kidder is just talking about the computer not the Internet or the web, which are two different things so distinctions should be made now. "Technologically, the Internet is a network of computers. It is not just a network but a network of networks and hence its name" (Reid, 1997 p xvii). This internetwork has as its multimedia domain , the World Wide Web. The Web is the tool that makes possible the leaping across the world in split seconds. How the Web works is that within a document or space of any online site is what is called a Hyperlink. Hyperlinks are highlighted words or symbols found within the site or even the document that allow the person to be instantaneously transferred from that page to another page. This may seem like a simple "page turning process" but it is not. ...

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