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Weaknesses Of The American Political Parties

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An 8 page paper in which the writer considers factors that have weakened American political parties over the course of the last two decades. Ultimately, these factors have contributed to a determined decline in the American political party system. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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government. Because of the changing force of political influence, the two largest parties, the Republican and Democratic parties are being challenged constantly by wavering faith and decreased voter participation. Political events, especially campaigns, have gone from information-based discourse on issues to complex communication events (1). The mass media has taken control of the issues, as well as the direction and force of political activities, and allowed for the development of a major industry to address the actions and governmental systems currently in place. This is especially prevalent when considering political campaigns, which often vie for Neilson ratings more than for voter participation. Rather than focusing on news-reporting, election campaigns have become a circus of personal and political stories created to catch interest and voice key concerns, rather than providing a forum for understanding political party differences or major issues (2). Christenson noted that candidates are asked more frequently about their strategies and their chances in campaigns, rather than about their leadership qualities and the current political issues. More often, the media focuses on statistical voter representation, often created to sway voters, rather than focusing on major political party differences or significant political disparities (3). While the media is a major issue in the weakening of the American political system, especially the American political parties, there are a number of other important influences that have become inherent in the changing force of politics. Wattenberg noted that Congressional systems have been significantly affected by changes in voting styles, including what he called the "new style of congressional campaigning" (4). It is clear that the way in which political determinations are made, from voting processes during specific campaigns to the votes made by Congressmen during their time in office, has been impacted not ...

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