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US Army Inventory Management

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This 4 page paper discusses ways in which the Army manages its huge and complex logistics system; i.e., it’s inventory. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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Army manages its huge and complex establishment. Discussion When used in connection with an organization as large and global as the U.S. Army, the word "inventory" takes on various meanings. We usually think of an inventory as something taken in a store: its the stock thats put on the shelves for consumers to purchase. Here, however, it might be more useful to think of inventory as "supplies" and in particular, the equipment needed to support the soldiers in the field. That is done at local levels, all the way up to the Army Quartermaster Corps. Well start at the top. How the Army manages its inventory: The U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps is "the nations oldest combat service support branch" (Quartermaster Corps mission, 2008). It was found on June 16, 1775 and has been in continuous operation ever since (Quartermaster Corps mission, 2008). The QC has served in "every war, every major campaign, and in every theater of operations where U.S. soldiers have been deployed; supporting victory by Americas Army with required supplies and services" (Quartermaster Corps mission, 2008). The current period is likely to be one of significant change as technology improves and America faces new challenges (Quartermaster Corps mission, 2008). Under "supply support, the QC supplies such things as repair parts, rations, water and petroleum; "individual and organizational clothing and equipment" and administrative supplies among others (Quartermaster Corps mission, 2008). Under "field services" it supplies showers, laundry facilities and "field feeding"; "aerial delivery support" includes "parachute packing, air item maintenance, aerial delivery, rigging and sling loading" (Quartermaster Corps mission, 2008). There are other types of deliveries made by the QC but these give an example of the broad range of supplies that this organization must distribute. Effect of inventory management on the supply chain: The QC will continue ...

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