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Thin Client Computing: A Welcome Addition to a New and Growing Small Business

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A 9 page sample paper in which a CIO of a small and growing consulting company argues in favor of an implementation of thin client computing that includes an executive overview, discussion of the technology, and a thorough evaluation of this ‘cutting edge’ technology based upon findings. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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impressively during a short period of time. Initially set up with a few desktop PCs that were hooked up to a single network, keeping all operational and processing records for an ever-increasing customer base became a constant challenge. At least one of the PCs would be in need of some kind of repair or upgrade, and the security risks posed by devastating computer viruses and potential hacking by end users that could compromise confidential information were many. The costs of maintenance - including equipment replacement, full-time technical support, and software upgrades (and licensing) - along with monthly Internet provider fees required for each unit - made it increasingly clear to this Chief Information Officer that PC desktops were hampering HPS growth and whatever profits that might have been realized were being consumed by outdated equipment that immediately depreciates in value after being purchased. Therefore, the CEO requested an extensive evaluation of the latest cutting edge technology to determine what would be in HPSs best interest in terms of productivity, performance, and profit maximization. The fact that it is still a small business (with access to limited capital) had to be taken into consideration, as did the nature of the business itself, which is customer-driven. A large number of patient insurance billing records need to be processed and generated to the healthcare facility customers quickly, easily, and without taking up too much hard drive memory. There are many seemingly attractive alternatives worthy of consideration, but the one that would address the companys major requirements in a manner that would be the least costly in terms of investment and start-up and generate the greatest returns is a shift from desktop personal computers to thin-client computing. PCs are regarded as fat clients because they represent the fattest ...

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