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The Problem of Religion

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A 10 page paper which examines the problem of religion from a philosophical standpoint. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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revealed or denominational religion (the religion of the churches) is one that modern political thinkers have grappled with." In light of this statement we can generally assume that many great thinkers, philosophers, and political theorists, have come up with one approach (argument) or another that can help ease the problem of religion and make the given society a more balanced one that incorporates all perspectives in a fair manner. And, we can generally understand that the whole subject of religion can be quite problematic in any given culture, a reality we can readily relate to with recent religious issues surrounding terrorism. And, when we live in a society, an American society, that prides itself on accepting many different religions, we begin to see how complicated religion can be and how it can easily be a problem. This leads us to civil religion. With that in mind the following paper examines some of these philosophical, or political, theories, as they involve the problem of religion. The paper first discusses the idea of civil religion and Rousseau, then Robert Bellah and America as it relates to civil religion, and finally Tocqueville and Marvin Zetterbaum. Civil Religion and Rousseau It has often been argued that civil religion is a possible solution. Rousseau was an individual who attempted to incorporate civil religion as that solution. One author tells us that "Rousseau depicted Christianity as an impotent, vacillating, dualistic, masochistic faith" which clearly falls right into place with the introduction which explained how religion was seen as a problem (Sandlin, 2004). He believed that any attempt on the part of the state to truly make the state Christian was somewhat like reverting to paganism because of the fact that he saw the gospel as purely spiritual (Sandlin, 2004). He thus felt there ...

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