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The Problem of Information Systems Management in the Military: A Problem Statement

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This 4 page paper provides an overview of the debate regarding the use of information systems technology in the military. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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technology and information systems has led to an increased capacity to address national safety (Parnas, 1985), improve the conditions of military operations and maintain databases integral to national security, others have argued that the problems with information systems management has led to the introduction of greater threat (Wolthusen, 2004). Military use of information systems technology and its management has become a hot-button issue. Wolthusen (2004) recognizes that "information technology has become a highly efficient force multiplier in a large number of roles" (p. 102). Specifically, Wolthusen (2004) recognizes that IT has been used to create logistic flow charts, outline target data for military strikes, allow for the directing of munitions and providing support for engineering systems. Further, IT has been viewed as a part of the core systems relative to the functionality of the military, creating the necessity for continued application, development and management of information systems (Wolthusen, 2004). Though IT has been viewed as a major element in implementing the new vision of war, questions have been posed about the success of this kind of system (Boot, 2003). One of the central problems in the use of IT in the military is that software engineering "has made only limited progress in producing large, reliable and trustworthy information systems" (Wolthusen, 2004, p. 102). In fact, the development of military-based software and the management of this software has required constantly changing operations, making it difficult to apply new technologies across a variety of military use sectors. The faults in these systems, then, become exponentially more difficult to address as they are spread out for use over a large number of military sectors (Wolthusen, 2004). Part of the problem is the overall view of IT as it relates to the human capacity ...

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