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The Meaning of Religion

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This 3 page paper examines different cultures and religions to see how the meaning of the term "religion" changes over time. Various ways of looking at religion are examined. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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each word has a definition, different people have different definitions, or to "each individual a word brings to mind unique thoughts, mental images, feelings, meaning and definition." In other words, when one says "religion" to a liberal or to a Marxist, it is quickly thought to be some unreasonable, extreme belief based on little but the bible. To an atheist, religion is something that others believe in but something they reject. To a Christian, it is aligned with tradition and Biblical teachings. To Muslims, it is something that goes to certain teachings and to Buddhists, religion is also philosophical. Some people in each of these disciplines are either extreme in their orientation or they may loosely adopt its ideas. In part, the ideation about religion, and the feeling it emits, has to do with interpretations. For example, some very religious Christians who attend church every week, call those who stay away from the church as people who are "unchurched" or "C & Es." A "C & E" refers to a "Christmas and Easter "Christian who only goes to church on those holidays. The implication is that the individual is not really religious or not a good Christian. There is the idea that such an individual needs more church. Of course, the person who only is inclined to go to church on holidays may possess any number of views on the religion. In fact, many people who do not attend church on a regular basis may have a very intense relationship with God, while someone who does go to church may actually feel empty. There is a sense proliferated by those who are extreme in their beliefs and practices that religion cannot be mixed with anything else. They bash New Ageism or anything that is related to Eastern philosophy. Ironically, ...

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