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The Life of a Woman in Ancient Greece:

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This 7 page paper constructs the life of a character named Eleni, who is a young woman in ancient Greek society. This paper delves into all aspects of her life, illustrating how life in this time period would have been for such a young women. Issues addressed include marriage, food, dress, social activities, role of women, politics, etc. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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in Athens. They loved Athens because it was a vibrant city full of life and intellectual pursuits. There was no king or queen to rule, but instead Greece was organized as a series of city-states (Daily Life in Ancient Greece, 2004). Each of these units was its own political entity, but it was a system that worked very well (Daily Life in Ancient Greece, 2004). Therefore, the end result was that life in Athens was quite different than life in Sparta, since the Spartans lived under very different rules and politics (Daily Life in Ancient Greece, 2004). However, Greek was the language throughout Greece, so despite political differences there were no language barriers (Daily Life in Ancient Greece, 2004). Eleni, like her family and neighbors, was very loyal to Athens (Daily Life in Ancient Greece, 2004). She grew up having a great deal of pride in her city/state, and that pride generated a great deal of loyalty (Daily Life in Ancient Greece, 2004). In the evenings, her father and the other men in her neighborhood would gather to discuss politics and intellectual matters, and took politics in Athens very seriously (Daily Life in Ancient Greece, 2004). Eleni supposed her husband would do the same, but given that she had never met him she couldnt be sure. She was due to be married in less than a week so there were many preparations still to be made. Aside from a devout interest in politics, Eleni knew that her husband worked in the fields, like most of the men in the community (Daily Life in Ancient Greece, 2004). He oversaw a group of men who ...

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