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The History of Women as Political Activists

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This 6 page paper discusses some of the women who have been politically active throughout American history. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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listed below. Citation styles constantly change, and these examples may not contain the most recent updates. The History of Women as Political Activists Research Compiled for , Inc. by K. Von Huben 5/2010 Please Introduction Women have been active in politics since the founding of the nation; they are active all around the globe, in fact. But because this paper is so brief, we will consider the careers of women who have been politically active only in the United States. (Unfortunately, this cuts out a great many interesting women: Pratibha Patil, for instance, is currently the President of India.) Discussion Its important that women be afforded a greater role in politics than they have now. If we mean what we say by "equality," then women should have slightly more than half the seats in all legislatures and in Congress, since they are slightly more than half the population. Its difficult not to resent having to follow laws that are passed when one has no input into their making. Women in politics are important for another reason: they bring an entirely different perspective to the table, and that can be immensely valuable. To take a simple example: when a woman parks her car, she considers things like whether there is ample lighting; how close it is to a stairway; whether there is a guard within call; and if there is somewhere an assailant can hide that she wont see him until its too late. Men think of none of these things; they dont have to. They do not live in a universe where the simple fact of their gender makes them a potential target for violent assault. Women do. This means that they have an entirely ...

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