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A 3 page review of the online article by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This paper outlines the article's content, presents several points of criticism, and concludes with suggestions for improvement. No additional sources are listed.

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Our understanding of lightening has evolved greatly over the history of mankind. That evolution is concisely outlined in "The History and Mystery of Lightening", the online article by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This article is a fascinatingly creative glimpse into a complex subject, so creative in its execution in fact that the reader is surprised to find that it came from a government source. NOAA clears up the confusion, however, in their confession that much of their article was adapted from "The Lightening Book", a 1961 publication by P. Viemeister. This article is a bait and switch to some extent. It first observes the many disciplines that are involved in understanding the scientific nature of lightening, disciplines like physics, electrostatics, electrical engineering, climatology, and meteorology. Just as the reader is preparing themselves for a technical overview of lightening, however, they are plunged into the mythology of lightening. "The History and Mystery of Lightening" carries the reader on a journey between continents from the ancient Greeks and Romans, to Muslim theology, to Scandinavian mythology, Hindu theology, African mythology, and Navajo healing rituals. The reader then explores mankinds belief on lightening and its associates such as rain and crop growth as they existed in the nineteenth century in Russia, Great Britain, and in the Americas. We are exposed to folk practices like ringing church bells to scare away lightening and climbing up a tree and banging together firebrands hoping that the sparks that were created would attract lightening and the nourishing rain that came with it. The reader next moves from folk practices as they existed ...

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