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The Chemistry of Cosmetics

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This 3 page paper provides many scientific details bout ordinary cosmetics like moisturizer, cold cream and many other types. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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marks of the original owner were still visible (Fewster, 2003). While the chemicals of this find had not been evaluated at the time that Fewster (2003) wrote his piece, they believe that early moisturizer was made from the milk of the donkey. Interestingly, that is what many moisturizing lotions are made of today (Fewster, 2003). The chemical components in various lotions do contain a variety of ingredients. Moisturizers are designed to replace natural moisturizer that is secreted by glands in human hair follicles (Fewster, 2003). The artificial moisturizers create barriers or they hold the water in the cells (Fewster, 2003). Moisturizer contains some sort of fat and this has the effect of coating the skin; because fat acts to repel water, it allows the retention of the skins natural moisture (Fewster, 2003). More specifically, molecules are important here as water is a polar molecule and so, it clings to other molecules (Fewster, 2003). However, it does not have the ability to cling to lipids, and lipids happen to be nonpolar molecules (Fewster, 2003). Another type of a cosmetic cream is cold cream. When using cold cream to remove cosmetics, or merely to clean the skin, there is often a cooling sensation. The experience that occurs after using a cosmetic cold cream results from the evaporation of alcohol that is generally found in the cold cream itself (Karukstis, Hecke & Karukstis, 2003). In fact, in certain cosmetic products, alcohol is present. While many manufacturers guard their trade secret ingredients, some manufacturers have revealed their formulations (Karukstis, Hecke & Karukstis, 2003). For example, it is noted that ethanol is found in Uniqemas hydroalcoholic skin care emulsions (Karukstis, Hecke & Karukstis, 2003). Ethanol is found at 20% by weight in the two products it provides (Karukstis, Hecke ...

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