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The Case for Gay Marriage

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This 7 page paper argues that gay marriage should be legalized and supported by society. Arguments against gay marriage are explored and objections are answered. Many issues are discussed inclusive of legal, financial and religious aspects. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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partners of gay spouses would lose. The notion was that while the courts may not recognize the marriage between two men or two women, and the churches may not either, it is a serious matter. It is more than just a gesture to allow two people of the same gender to marry. The issue affects insurance and Social Security benefits amongst other things. Other issues involve medical care where the family has to make a decision. A live-in lover does not have the same weight as a legal spouse. While many heterosexual couples choose to live together without benefit of marriage, that is their choice. However, a homosexual couple does not have that choice. Thus, when legal and medical issues crop up, they are victims of a system that ignores their committed relationship. The United States should therefore not abandon the idea of same sex marriage. A student writing on this subject will want to explore both sides of the issue and by allowing that, answer objections. This only makes the case stronger. However, there are several arguments against homosexual marriage. The prohibitionist argument is biblical (Wilson, 1996). This of course is an obvious argument as throughout the bible homosexuality is considered a sin. There is controversy here as well but that indeed is the premise of Americas religious right. While the religious right condemns homosexuality, Christian churches have been formed with gay preachers leading their congregations. Still, mainstream religion does have a problem with the idea. The Roman Catholic Church, for example, defines a Catholic marriage as a sacrament and one that involves a baptized man and a baptized woman (Halsall, 1996). This issue also permeates Jewish law. Aaron Gross (1996) asks "Should the state be required to support as well as legally grant rights and privileges ...

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