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The Biblical View of Science, Technology, and Business

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A 4 page discussion of the contrast that has existed between Biblical teaching, science, technology and business. The author examines the evolution that has occurred over time in the way we view our world. Particular attention is paid to the eighteenth century. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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From a Biblical perspective the world is viewed from the basis of belief. From a scientific, technological, and business perspective, in contrast the world is viewed from the outlook of empiricism. The fact that there can be a considerable contrast in viewpoints is obvious. The Bible presents us with foundation beliefs, "immediately justified beliefs whose certainty justifies more derivative claims in the larger body of knowledge" (Thiel, 1995). The foundations of knowledge are unquestionable and indubitable, at least according to foundationalisms proponents (Bonjour, 1998). Foundational knowledge serves as the immovable and irrefutable cornerstones from which logical deductions can be formulated. Foundationalism, however, by its very nature requires a rational approach to understanding. This presents the opportunity for questioning that which is purported to be unquestionable. Religion is one of those unquestionables. It is a belief that cannot be demonstrated on an empirical basis. Never-the-less, we internalize these beliefs into our thinking processes. Verbalization, in turn, plays an important role in the perpetuation of both our unquestionable beliefs such as those regarding religion and those regarding the sciences, technology, and business. The difference is that although we "sense" our religious beliefs we do so on an emotional rather than a sensory level. Empirical belief, in contrast, are "sensed" on a sensory level all be it that sometimes the senses that we employ have to be fortified by complex technology. When we apply a Biblical view to the sciences, technology, and or business we sometimes encounter what seems to be a formidable barrier between the views of theology and those of ...

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