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This 4-page paper examines The Pantheon (Rome) and the Parthenon (Greece) in terms of social, technological and political structures of their times. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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but because, for the time (and in the present) these buildings fulfill social, political, economic, technological characteristics. The two buildings we will discuss in this paper that are famous for being more than just buildings are The Pantheon (in Rome) and The Parthenon (in Greece). The Pantheon was built between 118-125 A.D. and located at the edge of a courtyard, within an enclosure (Brown, 2000). Facing almost directly north, the building itself consists of a front porch (constructed of traditional eight columns), an inner cylinder and a smooth dome to top the project (Brown, 2000). Though The Pantheon is traditional and classical Greek architecture in nature, experts point out, as well, that "Etruscan influence may also have affected the outcome of the building" (Brown, 2000). For one thing, the building boasts a single entrance, an Etruscan characteristic (versus four entrances that are typical in Greek architecture) (Brown, 2000). Additionally, only one single staircase, at the front of the building, can be found (Brown, 2000). The inner cylinder, from a technology/architectural point of view is decorative as well as functional - in addition to making up the bulk of the building, it also works with the inner dome to "add a sense of space and regeneration" (Brown, 2000). The whole vision is seamless, as well as spacious (Brown, 2000). Much like the Parthenon (which we will focus on later), the Pantheon is symmetrical - builders during these times were very much focused on symmetry. In terms of The Pantheon, the symmetry involves the intersection of two circles (one horizontal, the other vertical), to help the interior space be imagined ...

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